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Anonymous asked: Hi Capri! Aries here, going through something with a Capricorn crush. It has only been weeks since we've started talking, yet feels like months. Everyday phone and facetime convos. He's long distance, but making plans to come see me and all. one problem, his ex is still in his life. They have a child together & are now planning to spend the holidays together with her family. How should I feel about this? He was honest with me about it, which I respect. But I'm worried he is still in love w/ her!

I would be honest with him in return. Tell him how you feel about it, let him know that you trust him but you’re just worried. Being open and honest will get you far with caps :)

Anonymous asked: I recently had a dream about a guy I work with ( Cappy ) and now it's like I see him in a whole new light . He hardly EVER talks and when he does it's never to me . I'm one of the most talkative person ( Gemini ) at my job so it's kind of odd we've never spoke . I was recently told that he has a gf and that he's the "player" type and known for CHEATING . Which shocked the hell out of me because like I said he hardly says a word ! He's very quiet , should I initiate something or no ?

Well if you really like him, knowing he’s a cheater or not an you don’t have a problem with that, then yeah I’d say go for it. I’m warning you though these types of caps can and will destroy you…

Anonymous asked: I was dating a cap guy for a couple of months and things were great. I noticed one day that he was acting strangely towards me and questioned him about the two of us. Well long story short, he said he wasnt ready to date or be in a relationship with anyone at the time. I knew things had been going on so I backed off. Now he will randomly text me to see how I'm doing and that he misses me or to be safe. Then disappears for awhile then texts out of the blue. Why now is he doing this? So lost.

It sounds like he himself isn’t even sure what he wants. He may want a relationship but is too scared or isn’t really sure about the whole thing. If I were you and I really felt something for this guy I would just let it all fall into place on its own. When he’s ready, he’ll let you know.

Anonymous asked: Can capricorn pull the disappearance act on friends of the same gender? I mean I'd like to consider us like brothers and I communicated this to him quite a long time ago but now I feel he's pulling away. I know he's busy with finals at his college and I never communicate anger when we do get to talk but still I feel he is very stressed and I want to be there for him and he doesn't let me...What should I do?P.s We met at his college but I moved away after a year and we(I) maintained contact.

Never force things with Capricorns. There’s no point in doing so anyways. All that will come from that is pissing off or annoying the Capricorn. We’re stubborn as hell, and no matter what we’re going to do what we feel or think is right in the end. No one has power over our decisions, only we do. I would just keep your distance. Show that you care, but don’t try to over step your boundaries. He probably is stressed but he seems like that’s something he wants to manage on his own.

Be there, but don’t push or force things to happen. Let it happen on it’s own. I hope that helps you out :) 

Anonymous asked: A capricorn man I am in love with recently lost his best friend, we broke up just before and a month after his friend died he started sleeping with his ex. m insanely jealous and want him back so bad. When I found out about his ex, I went to his house after not seeing hom for three months and we ended up fighting for 20 hours. We slept together twice, and then I left. I don't know what to do..

This sounds like he is in destruct mode, and as a Capricorn and knowing what it’s like to lose a friend, this is normal response. As Capricorns, we become close with very few people so when we lose someone we consider a loved one or a friend it hits us hard. Really hard. If I was you, I would try to be there for him but not in so much of a romantic relationship but be there more as a friend, someone to lean on. He is going to be probably really self destructive (drinking, drugs, reckless behavior, sex etc.) for a while and he’ll need someone to be there, though he would never admit that.

Hope this helps :)


Anonymous asked: Hi there! I have a problem here, really little though. One of my best Friend is a Capricorn and her birthday is coming soon, I asked her what she wanted for present and she said anything. And here is my question: Do you Capricorns like simple made presents or made-with-some-effort-and-care presents? Thanks you very much! (>w<) .:Scorpio girl:.

We’re the type that likes the little things that show you really care or show that you really listen to us. We’re pretty laid back with gifts, or at least that’s how I am. They will just be happy that you thought of them.