Being messages a lot about my personal blog so here ya’ll go:

(Warning: it’s not anything like this and has a lot of fandom/drug related things not for the faint of heart probably…. 😬)

Hey people who’re gonna be/already are being assholes about the Greek thingy: I DID NOT MAKE THAT SO DONT COME TO ME WITH YOUR BULLSHIT 😤


Aries: Oh, thanks! You too!
Taurus: What? Why?
Gemini: *starts singing a song that has the word “wonderful” in it*
Cancer: What do you mean? *internally blushing*
Leo: Oh you! Stop it!
Virgo: Thank you. I appreciate it.
Libra: *giggles softly* I learn from the best.
Scorpio: Now say it again and…

Signs as Greek Gods


Aries- Mars/Aries

Taurus- Hermes

Gemini- Aphrodite

Caner- Demeter

Leo- Apollo

Virgo- Hephaestus 

Libra- Zeus

Scorpio- Hades

Sagittarius- Artemis

Capricorn- Kronos

Aquarius- Ouranus

Pisces- Poseidon 

Hey, I'm a fellow cap. I'm interested in my coworker and we used to have so much to talk about and he made me happy and cheerful, but now that we've kissed, things have changed. We are down to one word replies.. and I don't know what to say anymore..

Hmm, maybe express you concerns explain your confusion as to why the communication has stooped. Though as a Cap myself, I know expressing isn’t our strong suit I’ve learned it goes a long way.

my sun is capricorn and my moon is virgo. can you give me some information about me? thank you so much xx

Thank you for not being an asshole 😌

Having a Capricorn sun mixed with a Virgo moon creates a very practical, grounded person who also tends to be a bit paranoid as well as a perfectionist. You like things to be in order and are probably well organized. When problems arise you’ll be the first to go about the problem in a well thought out and affective way. Making sure that you’ve run through every possibility and usually have a plan for just about anything, even the unexpected…especially the unexpected.

Capricorn Women:


Her love for you will never prevent her from taking care of her family.

Damn straight.


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PS: Whoever wrote this, come talk to me.

PS: Whoever wrote this, come talk to me.